Rattan Furniture – Durable & Stylish Choice

When choosing luxury outdoor furniture, there are many things to consider: style, quality, and comfort are the most important. When you have all three, it is a winning combination – Baumhaus Living offers that trio for every product. Stylish and durable rattan furniture for your Patio Space.

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Wicker or Rattan? Difference between the two:

Before we dive deeper, let us get clear on Rattan. It is not the same as wicker. Wicker is a type of weave, whereas rattan refers to the actual material itself, a flexible, fibrous plant. Their pliable stems have been long used to make furniture because it is both lightweight and durable. If you have been looking for furniture, that can make your style statement beautiful, without adding a lot of visual weight to your space, Rattan is for you.

Benefits of Rattan Furniture:

This type of rattan is a popular choice for gardens due to its durability. Rattan material is made up of elements that give it a natural resistance to the sun’s UV rays as well as never rusting or rotting. This is important as it means any sudden downpours will not mean your item is forever damaged. In short, this allows your settings to be left outside.

It is an easy thing to overlook the framework on all garden furniture. Baumhaus outdoor furniture has taken this into consideration. Powder coating normally prevents rust and does also helps to prevent oxidization. A polyester-based coating, the powder coating also adds to the attractive nature of the set and will not flake over time compared to paint.

High-quality furniture, made up of powder-coated aluminum frames, will also allow the furniture to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining its strength. The framework of the furniture is then wrapped in rattan to provide a weather-resistant surface treatment. Then it can cope with most extreme weather conditions without any problems that If the weather takes a turn for the worse sudden, cushions aside, you won’t need to rush out to protect your investment. This makes rattan furniture a perfect choice for your patio space, and so you can have a set of maintenance-free outdoor garden furniture. As September-October is the best time to purchase furniture for your porch and outdoor deck. Just check out the Patio Furniture Innovative Design Ideas.

Cleaning your Rattan Furniture:

If your rattan does become a little dirty over the cooler months, cleaning this product is simple and hassle-free.  Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust.  Wipe down the rattan with a damp cloth using mild soapy water.  Rinse using a bucket of cold water or a hose.  We recommend removing the cushions before cleaning and avoid using any chemical cleaners.

The benefits of rattan garden furniture are obvious, a wide choice of style, affordability, easy to maintain, durable, and long-lasting. Choosing rattan garden furniture is the only choice you need to make this summer!