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Every great outdoor area needs comfortable, stylish seating. When you find your perfect style ( there is Baumhaus Patio Online Furniture Collection to choose from!), it is easy to sink into luxury and take your new favorite seat for granted. But there is plenty of research and product testing before every piece of outdoor furniture makes it to a Baumhaus Range of Products.

Comfortable Outdoor Seating Area

 Moon Island Sofa Set is a style that is very popular in the outdoor furniture range. It has a powder-coated aluminum structure, weaved with imported UV-protected rattan. These types of furniture are specifically designed for relaxed informal seating arrangements in the garden.

Another popular option is the Cube Set. An informal seating space with a very modern look, which will certainly add the wow factor to your garden. Having a unique feature that aids in their storage and the amount of space taken up within your garden. Rattan cube furniture has an extremely contemporary cube shape design with clean lines and a minimalist look.

Cube Set – Outdoor Online Furniture Set

There are now several options of modern outdoor patio designs which have ignited this range of furniture, Have a look!

Outdoor Dine-in with Baumhaus Online Furniture:

Baumhaus Online Furniture sets come in several styles and designs ranging from traditional styles to ultra-modern clean line styles of furniture. This enables everyone to be able to find a rattan furniture set suitable for your taste and style. By adding a generous seating area, accented with a center table fit for dinners. It creates the perfect space for gatherings or relaxing under the stars.

Nicole Set is a dine-in option available here. A dining set containing 4 chairs with flip-down backs allows the chairs to be pushed underneath the dining table, when not in use. This 4 Seater Dining Set is as Comfortable as it looks.

For more details, please check out the Baumhaus range of Dining Sets.

Outdoor Chair Set – Online Furniture Range

Solo Chair/Dining Set is another stylish outdoor sitting option here available. With powder-coated aluminum structure, weaved with imported UV-protected rattan. Making your style statement, without adding a lot of visual weight to your space.

For more details, please check out the Baumhaus range of Chair Sets.

The outdoor decorating philosophy is to keep it simple so that maintenance is not a burden. Most of all, make sure it is comfortable for entertaining, and bring in special elements that make it unique to the natural surroundings and Getting the Most Out Of Your Patio Space in COVID-19.

Bonus: Bring these styles inside!

All Baumhaus outdoor online furniture range can also be used indoors––think sunrooms, conservatories, breakfast nooks, and lounge rooms. In fact, if your home’s interior receives excess sunlight, patio furniture might be a fantastic choice, as they are more heat- and fade-resistant than typical indoor furniture.

Who could forget adding in natural elements? Lots of potted flowers, plants, and herbs not only look beautiful but can also add to the aroma of the evening and create a seamless transition between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Adding a fountain or small water feature also helps to make the space feel special.

The best outdoor spaces have a combination of sun and shade. Consider retractable Roman shades or awnings in combination with shade provided by natural plantings to provide some versatility. This also allows you to enjoy the space in any weather.

Check out the complete online range for your Outdoor Space including furniture and shades on Baumhaus!