About Us

At Baumhaus, we create garden furniture for community, outdoor work, and homes. Motivated by relationships: between products and spaces, spaces and people, people, and their networks. We frame everything, Providing outdoor style—soft, essential design sensibility, our direct and personalized service, our organizational and corporate policies, our global brand identity—in terms of human values.

Our Design Approach

Every part of the product development process of garden furniture—from design to production to long-term impact—is carefully considered, bringing function, aesthetic, detail together in elegant resolution.

A Unique Sensibility

Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you with any questions. When it comes to consumer happiness, Our customers are our main concern.

outdoor sofa set

Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you with any questions regarding your purchases. You can be assured that our customers are our main concern when it comes to consumer happiness.

When you shop at Baumhaus, you can shop with great confidence that YOU the customer will always be treated with the utmost care and respect. Our goal is to provide customers with a wonderful experience and keep you coming back for your future garden furniture purchases.

Choosing your Right Garden Furniture

Our design ethos is based on the versatility of essential forms. Over time, our approach has evolved around six core concepts. Balance, Family, Intuition, Light, Color, Play. Following are our top priorities in our mind, while choosing your garden furniture.

Quality Garden Furniture:

Our Top-quality furniture has a great design, cutting-edge technology, comfort, and so is easy to use.

Comfortable Garden Furniture:

The materials used are pleasing to the touch and comfortable. It has the right proportions for the user and for its surroundings also arranged in such a way as to create a path, by adding luxury outdoor furniture in a more compact size can really make a difference, and so creating a whole new atmosphere.


An outdoor area that looks well designed and cared for gives your guests the idea of a warm, and comfortable environment that they can enjoy just as much as they do the interior. Unique design pieces can be the characteristic feature in luxury surroundings, so by adding vibrancy and interesting prestigious style

Materials, Shapes & Colors:

When deciding on these, we think about the client’s needs and wishes by creating a link between indoor and outdoor spaces.