Outdoor Space | Maximizing Every Last Inch of your Backyard

If you live in a city, you know how luxurious outdoor space is. However, property developers are trying to provide patio space for residents, no matter how small it is. So just because your patio, backyard or balcony is a bit crowded, does that mean you give up space? No! certainly not.

You can transform your small backyard into a comfortable hosting and relaxing part with patio furniture. The trick is how you arrange the furniture Following are some tips.

Fit your Patio Furniture in Small Outdoor Space

  1. Choose your patio center point wisely. It is the most crucial point as it will be the primary gathering point of your patio arrangement. The patio space is decorated around this point, so the first step is to decide the focal point of your small patio space.
  2. The best way to maximize the use of small porch or balcony space for entertainment is to keep the furniture around the perimeter.
  3. Using a round table will seat more outdoor party guests in a smaller space; rectangular or square patio tables break up an enclosed patio and take away from outdoor entertaining space.
  • Using limited space, the strategic layout of your patio furniture is very important. The tip is to always put your longest piece of patio furniture like sofa, along the longest wall, and let it face your focus. Starting with the placement, you can continue to add furniture around that and redesign your backyard.
  • Seating on the small deck with large pillows will create a more comfortable space for outdoor entertainment. and they are super easy to rearrange or remove if you decide you need more room.
  • A swing can be an entertaining activity, using a small space both for children and the adult who is young at heart; or it can be the perfect spot to rock back and forth while enjoying the outdoors, wrapped up in a blanket

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