Coronavirus Restrictions and Outdoor Living

Coronavirus spread has slowed down the world from previous years.  Considering the global climate, there has never been a better time to savor the serenity of home. How will we pass the time? 

We will sit on the porch, soak in the sunshine, wave to our neighbors, and watch the world fly by (from a safe distance). We might not have expected such a lonely season, but we are turning life’s lemons into a big batch of lemonade and rocking right through with gratitude!

Extend your Living Space – Outdoor Living:

Outdoor furniture used to mean a simple picnic table and a few summer camping chairs. You can now take indoor comfort to the outdoors. Thanks to the magical weather-resistant furniture.

For many years, outdoor furniture has been made of hard canvas and boring colors. Baumhaus has created a series of new patio options. The modern outdoor furniture provided by Baumhaus is durable, weatherproof, and fade-resistant. They have various textures. Add in some curtains, floor coverings, and luxurious pillows, and you may never feel the need to go inside.

The patio and deck can be easily divided into parts of the space for one task, such as dining, and the other part for other tasks, such as comfortable lounge seats.
See Outdoor Living with Baumhaus Patio Furniture for outdoor styling options.

The outdoor dining area is a great place to dine with friends and family. By adding a nice outdoor dining set, and by Patio Furniture Innovative Design Ideas you can create a resort experience in your own backyard and make your patio space into a family retreat, and can enjoy your family time despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Cooking Outdoors in Coronavirus Pandemic

There is no better way to celebrate warm weather and calmness at home than inviting a few close friends over for something delicious from the grill following the coronavirus sop. Unfortunately, people who do barbecues can easily miss the best conversations because they must run back and forth to the kitchen.

The solution? Bring the kitchen outdoors!

Outdoor kitchens have evolved and improved just like outdoor fabrics especially in the coronavirus scenario. The interior appliances and finishes have been perfected to withstand the test of various climates.

This provides a wide range of possibilities for outdoor kitchen areas, replicating people’s favorite indoor open floor plan – the ability to cook and socialize at the same time. Cook outdoors this summer and enjoy family time in the outdoor kitchen by extending your living space.

Outdoor Patio with Outdoor Kitchen

It does not have to be a huge patio space, either. For example, you can make a small balcony an inviting space by adding a couple of small chairs, a carpet, and a few plants to it.

When it comes to outdoor living, one of the most important parts of the equation is the furniture you choose. Whether you are looking for a relaxing area for you and your family or a formal dining space for entertaining, Baumhaus has you covered.

Baumhaus offers a wide range of premiere; luxury outdoor furniture designed to complement and enhance any outdoor living area. Our products are beautiful, functional, comfortable, unique, and designed to last for generations.

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