Best Outdoor Furniture In Pakistan

Best outdoor furniture? The main thing that will generally catch your devotion is a gorgeous design. Finding a piece with an outstanding look can frequently be a case of love at first sight, and you may find yourself by this time bearing in mind how it can fit into the look of your homespun

Though, the proverb that “beauty is only skin deep applies to sofas too”  At this point at outdoor furniture by BAUM HAUS, we wish you to purchase with the awareness that you are investing in something that not only seems great, on the other hand, will last for a lifetime. To comfort you fix this, we’ve made this guide to the five key features that make up an excellent sofa and why they are significant.

Trending best outdoor furniture in Pakistan


Element sofa set

The element sofa set is manufactured with a powder-layered aluminum structure. So, Knitted with imported UVsafe rattan. Manufactured details of Element sofa set are 2 single seats and 1 double seat with1Table beautifully topped with glass.  

At  BAUM HAUS, we uphold that traditional timber frame methods that is the finest decision for developed a fine quality piece of durable furniture and element sofa set is one of an image of this quality.


The kobo set is made with powder-coated aluminum construction, Weaved with imported UV secure cane. Manufactured detail: 4 single seats + 1 table with glass top. This set has 4 single seats with cushions and also has 1 table with an 8mm hardened glass top. However, frame joints of the kobo sets are robust frame material like beech hardwood cans elasticity the asset sideways the length, width, and height of the sofa, in what manner each piece is associated together counts for a portion moreover. The right type of woodwork, carried out by an expert craftsman, can more improve the strength and stability of the kobo sofa frame.

3. Dining Set

Dining set

Our dining set is beautifully Structure with powder-coated aluminum construction and so Weaved with imported UV endangered rattan.

The dining table has 6 single chairs with1 table topped glass with smooth curves and shiny half columns, As these dining table edges are in modern style and fashion demand, So Boasting the slight synthetic tabletop which is made of glass top surface with a more European-looking design featuring Luxury and modern dining room tables and chairs.


Monaco sofa set. Constructed with powder layered aluminum construction plated with imported UV-protected cane. The product detail is that this set is available with 2 single seats, 1 double seat, and with cushions. And the table is beautifully designed with an 8mm tempered glass top. Classic and elegant, the Monaco Living Room Collection by BAUM HAUS will bring transitional style and luxury lifestyle to your home.

The Monaco sofa set. Design structures comprise attached pillow backs, tucked and rolled arms, tapered legs, and welt trim, and accent stitching facts. The sink into the comfort of design and quality structure will bring years of relaxed seating to your living room.


SOLO SET, Very elegant and delightfully designed. Customer satisfaction is always in our minds, by keeping it in mind we designed its structure, made with powder-coated aluminum, And this set has 4 single seats with 1 glass capped table.

Prices are of all products flexible and are changing over time.


Similarly mentioned above sets this Cube Set. It has the same mesmerizing features and structure powder-coated aluminum structure, protected with imported UV secure rattan. This set has 4 single chairs and 1 square shape table with glass-topped.

Customer satisfaction is always in our minds, by keeping it in mind we designed its structure, also we deliver high-quality furniture at an outstanding worth as we designed a cube set and we take vanity in selling only the best quality cane furniture at the best prices.


Nicole set is a powder-covered aluminum structure. Merged with imported UV endangered rattan of 4 single chairs with 1 8mm hardened glass table and 1 double seat with cushions.

Nicole set is a Flexible sofa collection; there is no need to turn extra flex seat cushions, it comprises hardwood & compound board frame.

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